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Safety ’n Action welcomes Brent back to training after a serious medical event.


Brent was attending a Confined Space and Gas Detection course at Safety 'n Action's Hamiton Training Centre in early January 2020 when on day two of the course he became very unwell. Brent's trainer of the course, Edwin McKinnon, recognised very quickly that Brent was unwell and called for assistance from another Safety 'n Action trainer who was on site. 

Wayne has a background in medical care and soon realised that Brent was suffering from a serious cardiac event and needed urgent medical attention. An ambulance was called very quickly and was on-site within 20 minutes of this event unfolding. With the great care and support provided by Edwin and Wayne, and the fast response for the St. John's ambulance team, Brent was in specialised care at Waikato Hospital within an hour. Brent had multiple cardiac stents inserted as a part of his ongoing care, and the risk of serious permanent damage to his heart was reduced significantly.

It was great to see Brent back at Safety 'n Action recently, attending training. Brent is in excellent health and very appreciative of Safety 'n Action, and the skills of the various trainers present on the day of his medical incident.