Trainer Showcase: Nico Prinsloo

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Health and Safety Trainer, Northland


He’s a passionate health and safety advocate and a familiar face among Whangarei businesses - and now he’s back in town on a fresh crusade to help keep Northland’s workforce safe.

Former North Tec health and safety tutor, Nico Prinsloo, is now at the helm of Safety ‘n Action’s Whangarei HQ, delivering the provider’s first-class health and safety training across the region.

“While I was at North Tec, I did one of Safety ‘n Action’s Height Safety Equipment Inspection courses and was so impressed with the professional delivery I decided to get a job there,” says the South African native turned Whangarei local.

With strong industry relationships, oodles of expertise, and a wealth of life experience to draw on (he’s a qualified mechanical engineer, has owned his own construction business and was even a member of the South African Police), Nico is a great asset to Safety ‘n Action and the wider Northland community.

“I’m extremely proud to be building people’s knowledge and understanding of health and safety legislation and keeping workers safe. I’ve got the practical experience and can relate to students’ issues, both from an industry and a health and safety perspective. For me, there’s nothing better than seeing students walk into the training room looking nervous and walk out properly informed and with smiles on their faces.”

Recently returning to Whangarei after a stint in Auckland as a Safety ‘n Action trainer, Nico couldn’t be more delighted to be back in the town he loves.

“When this opportunity came up, I jumped at it. Nothing beats this part of the country – the weather, the outdoor activities, and all that fishing!”

He’s also super-excited about the year ahead at Safety ‘n Action, including plans to become a forklift training facility and expand training delivery opportunities.

“Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for our Northland clients.”