Trainer Showcase: William Lightfoot

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Health and Safety Trainer/Customer Service Consultant, Bay of Plenty


Workplace health and safety in the Bay of Plenty has just been given a whopping boost thanks to Safety ’n Action’s William Lightfoot.

The award-winning firefighter, neonatal paramedic and former ambulance chief of a 300-staff Emergency Medical Service in Tshwane (Pretoria), has just relocated to Tauranga after three years as Safety ‘n Action’s centre manager and trainer for Northland. William’s unrivalled expertise – including running his own top-ranked health, safety and emergency services business in South Africa – combined with his unwavering commitment to improving workplace safety, puts Bay of Plenty businesses in the best possible hands.

“Being a trainer for over 20 years and attending around 300 callouts per month has given me the confidence to make sure that the training we deliver helps students gain the knowledge and practical experience they need to keep them safe at work,” says William, who delivers both on and off-site training and is the key contact person for all of Safety ‘n Action’s Bay of Plenty clients.

“I have over 25 years’ experience in health (medical, ICU), rescue and fire services. Becoming an advanced paramedic was a game-changer for me because I attended numerous callouts where workers were severely injured from being trapped in machinery, falling from heights or trench collapse. This has made me extremely passionate about ensuring workplaces comply with health and safety regulations and workers get home safely each day.”

And that’s not just because it’s part of his job.

“A while back I was conducting off-site training and noticed some tradies working from height without fall protection gear on the construction site next door. They were working on an open edge – one mistake could have resulted in death. I immediately stopped my class and went to visit the site manager. Five minutes later all of the guys had gear on to prevent them from falling, and I knew that that day, on my watch, they would all go home safely.”

It’s moments such as these that serve to strengthen William’s crusade. And now, with a permanent Safety ‘n Action centre in Tauranga, he has exciting plans for continuing his good work.

“I’m aiming to grow the branch into the Bay of Plenty’s number one health and safety training provider.”