Online Sling Regular Loads Safely - Theory

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Duration: Self Paced Learning

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60 days to complete once you have received your login. Gain knowledge (theory only) of how to sling regular loads safely as well as a broad understanding of relevant crane regulations.

Safety 'n Action is unable to award the 30072 unit standard without the practical assessment being completed. This means we are only able to accept bookings for this course if a practical course has been confirmed with Safety 'n Action within the 30 days following enrolment. This course is required to be completed before commencing practical training. Due to these criteria, we are not able to instantly confirm registrations for this course.

Unit Standards - SRLS









Demonstrate and apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely

This course will reinforce your knowledge of slinging loads safely. Included are a series of exercises, ensuring you are up to date with the skills needed to understand calculations in regards to lifting gear and working load limit tables and carrying out required duties. All practical components will be covered during your subsequent Safety ‘n Action crane training. This course will also cover all relevant crane regulations.