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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

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  • Are there any legal requirements around reporting accidents?

    Your company should have an internal reporting process for any near misses, accidents or events.

    If what happened is a notifiable event, then it must be reported to WorkSafe immediately. The definition of a notifiable event is given in The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Sections 23 – 25.

  • Can I clean up after an accident?

    If a notifiable event has occurred, you are legally obliged to preserve the site. It must not be disturbed until an inspector permits this. However, if you need to help an injured person or make the site safe, to minimise further harm, you may do so.

  • What sort of information do I need to gather and record after a near miss, accident or event?

    As soon as possible, record physical evidence. Examine the site and write detailed notes about what you see. Take photographs from multiple angles. Draw detailed sketches. Collect any samples. Locate written evidence that is relevant, such as JSAs or SOPs or permits. Finally, interview those involved and any eye witnesses.

  • What do I do with all this information?

    Use it to fill out a report. Then, analyse the information collected to work out the root causes of the near miss, accident or event. This will allow you to identify corrective actions that will prevent a recurrence of the accident.

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“Safety ‘n Action were able to send a trainer out to our site which was great as we aren’t local to any of their training centres”


“The team enjoyed the course and they especially did not expect the setup of your facility which they really enjoyed participating in”


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