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Introducing Des - Trainer Team Leader

Hear from Des himself


I believe Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and I’m here to teach students how to keep themselves and their work colleagues safe.

Training has played a significant part in my career. I’ve previously been a trainer/assessor for the Royal New Zealand Navy and Fire Service, and have also worked in Adult Education, Joint Services doing physical education and recreational training, and business management tutoring. These experiences have taught me a lot about students’ needs, and the best ways to support them for success. I can adapt my training to suit a diverse range of learners, and whatever obstacles students may be facing – from cultural barriers to literacy issues – I am on hand to encourage and assist them to achieve their goals.

Throughout my career I’ve developed great communications skills, a good understanding of product knowledge, and plenty of business acumen. By sharing this knowledge at Safety ‘n Action, I feel I am making a positive contribution to workplace safety in New Zealand – and for me, that is the greatest reward.