Supervise Asbestos Removal Class B

Key Information

Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours)

Maximum Attendees: 8

Training available nationwide at one of our centres, or your own workplace

Price (excl GST)

$640 Per Person

Price (excl GST)

$4480 Company Booking

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Understand the legal requirements, removal methodology and supervisor responsibilities to safely remove asbestos.

This course is aimed at experienced workers who are competent with removal work and are required to work at the supervisory level. It is not aimed for those new to asbestos removal work. The day involves practical work tasks, including the completion of all documentation to meet legislative and workplace requirements. As a supervisor, you are expected to direct and support the work team throughout the removal work and demonstrate a high level of leadership and communication skills to support the work team to ensure safety and compliance.

  • Unit Standards - SAR CB (Click to see more detail)









    Supervise asbestos removal


Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Liaise with the PCBU, management and the Assessor
  2. Assess and plan the removal process
  3. Inspect removal site and complete risk assessment
  4. Determine job scope and requirements
  5. Complete the Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP)
  6. Prepare the site for removal
  7. Record notification to WorkSafe
  8. Oversee removal and decontamination processes
  9. Gain clearance to re-establish the site
  10. Supervise and support team members


  1. Unit standard 29765 Remove non-friable (Class B asbestos), or Unit standard 29766 Remove friable) (Class A asbestos)