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“Their training is high quality and the service can’t be beat!”

That’s what Babcock training coordinator Joanna Godfrey has to say about Safety ‘n Action – Babcock’s preferred training provider.

Not surprisingly, health and safety plays a starring role at the international aerospace, defence and security company. Their leading naval business provides value-add services from the UK and France, to Canada, Australasia and South Africa. Meanwhile here in Aotearoa, they provide engineering services to the Royal New Zealand Navy, as well as some commercial dry dock work. 

Located on the naval base, Babcock runs a wide range of trade teams, each needing different health and safety compliance qualifications. It’s a complex business – but one that Safety ‘n Action takes care of with ease and efficacy.

“Safety ‘n Action is our preferred training provider because of the high level of service they provide as well as their expert knowledge,” Joanna explains. “They’re easy to deal with, well-priced, and they offer innovative solutions like hybrid online courses and short refreshers.”

Under the expert stewardship of their Safety ‘n Action account manager, the Babcock team get what they need, when they need it - and all with the minimum amount of fuss.

“Our account manager is quick to reply, always willing to help in any way that they can, and incredibly patient with all my questions. I know I can count on them, and their professionalism makes me choose Safety ‘n Action first.”

But it’s not just the account manager that Joanna is impressed with. The first-rate tutors also come out on top.

“I find that the trainers are always top notch and true experts in what they teach. They do an excellent job building rapport with our employees, which ensures that they’re engaged and the learning sticks. From an administration perspective, they’re always professional, friendly, and easy to deal with too. They arrive well-prepared and ready to roll with whatever punches we throw at them.”

And when it’s time for her to book a team onto another health and safety training programme, Joanna says the process is simple and headache-free.

“The booking process is quick and easy. For private on-site bookings, I get availability options and requirements from my account manager promptly and can trust that I’m in good hands and everything will be taken care of. Booking open/off-site courses is even easier because I can see the live availability online and book my employees on courses in my own time, and at a variety of locations around Auckland.”

That sounds like exactly what you need when you’re part of a bustling business like Babcock!