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To give our students the best possible learning experience, we have designed fit for purpose training centres that encourage and support all learners. Our centres combine classroom training with practical “real workplace" scenarios using the latest industry approved equipment.

If you would prefer we come to you, our trainers can deliver training at your site or we can utilise a local venue. For more information or to discuss your requirements please, contact us.

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  • Demonstrate Knowledge of Crane Industry

    Gain a broad understanding of the crane industry and the operations involved with different types of cranes.
    Unit standard covered: 3788

  • Sling Regular Loads Safely

    Gain a working knowledge of how to sling loads safely as well as a broad understanding of relevant crane regulations.
    Unit standard covered: 30072

  • Gantry Crane Overhead

    Gain the skills needed to operate a radio remote or pendant controlled gantry crane and knowledge of the crane industry as a whole.
    Unit standard covered: 3800

  • Gantry Crane Overhead Refresher

    Ensure your knowledge of operating a radio remote or pendant controlled gantry crane is up to date with the latest industry standards.
    Refresh unit standard: 3800
    Students must have units reported previously on their NZQA Record of Achievement to be refreshed on this training course

  • Electric Hoist Seminar

    Gain a working knowledge of the regulations and operational requirements for electric hoists.

  • Rigging and Slinging (Dogman)

    Gain a working knowledge of the requirements set by the Approved Code of Practice for Cranes to operate as a Dogman slinging loads.
    Unit standard covered: 3789

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