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From their exceptional customer service to their convenient location…there’s a whole raft of reasons why infrastructure and industrial services specialists Intergroup use Safety ‘n Action for all their NZQA training.

“If we need training but there is no course planned, or the course is already full, Safety ‘n Action will open a new course up to accommodate us. They are also located just around the corner from our Auckland yard which employs over 100 staff, so it’s very handy.”

Risk management training has ramped up since the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) and Intergroup believes the combination of Safety ‘n Action programmes and in-house training is working well.

“We have held a series of in-house risk management training sessions pointing out the changes, especially around how anybody can be held accountable for their actions or inactions in regard to reporting hazards and near misses, and how important it is to fill out our job safety analysis (JSA) correctly.

“Once staff realise the power of WorkSafe and understand that we are just trying to make the workplace safer, they buy into what is required by them.”

Peter says Safety ‘n Action training has added great value to the organisation from a health and safety perspective.

“Obviously compliance is the major goal and ensuring our workers are trained for the hazardous tasks we undertake as a company. Getting the results back promptly assists us when tendering, as it shows proof of training.

“We are very happy with what and how Safety ‘n Action have delivered for us. Staff all seem to enjoy the training and I receive good feedback from them. When they come back they know the correct way of doing things, and they understand that procedures do matter. Most don’t want to take short cuts. Of course, even after training we need to keep on top of it and keep reminding everyone why we are doing it!”

“Safety ‘n Action has bent over backwards to assist us when we have required something urgently, or something slightly different and specific to our line of work".

Peter McGlone Intergroup Trainer Assessor