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Mataura Valley Milk produce premium nutritional products for worldwide distribution. Their milk products are processed at their world-leading nutritional plant right here in Southland New Zealand.

When taking care of their workplace safety needs at the plant, Safety ‘n Action are the preferred supplier for Mataura Valley Milks training solutions.  Over several years, the team here have delivered exceptional training solutions to meet their demand along with bespoke training delivery to work within their schedules.

As a valued client here at Safety ‘n Action, our team has recently partnered with them in not only testing our training delivery, but also gaining industry insight into the training content.  This project was warmly welcomed by Mataura Valley Milk who valued the opportunity to ensure that the training they receive (along with others in the industry) truly reflected the nature of their business.  Gaining industry input ensures that our training not only remains accessible to our clients, but more-importantly the day to day challenges that they face are covered in the content delivery.

As Chris Labes the Health and Safety Manager at Mataura Valley Milk puts it “The team at Safety ‘n Action pulled out all the stops in delivering training during the trickiest of times.  During various levels of lock down their team was able to continue training via webinar. Further more, fast forward to our current operation, their trainers will visit our site to tailor upcoming training delivery to be delivered at our plant using our facilities.  This close working relationship with the trainers is truly valued here, they are personable and knowledgeable which shines through during the training delivery.  Having come from industry where they have done the Mahi themselves, they are incredibly relatable to our team here.”

“Building and supporting a strong safety culture is a key focus at Mataura Valley Milk, once team members are trained, all are on the same page and have a like-minded approach to their safety and all of those around them.  Thanks Safety ‘n Action for your support in achieving this.”