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Clive Gillum | Relationship Manager - Wellington

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Clive Gillum | Business Development Manager - Wellington

Get to know our Wellington Relationship Manager. With the experience to back it up, Clive looks to improve the safety of NZ at any chance.

If you’re looking for someone who knows health and safety, you can’t go past Clive Gillum.

With over 12 years working in the industry – including a decade selling PPE and training – Clive is an expert in his field. He has also completed a wealth of relevant training, from working at heights and confined spaces to hazardous substances and spill response.

In his role at Safety ‘n Action, it’s Clive’s job to help customers identify what training they actually need to keep their workforce safe and to meet their health and safety requirements. He’s also a whiz at suggesting additional programmes that will further enhance operations.

“I like to find out about their business and then see which Safety ‘n Action courses can help,” says Clive. “I prefer to do this in person by visiting their workplace and discovering what they do, and by showing an interest in their organisation.”

He hasn’t been at Safety ‘n Action long, but Clive is already making his mark – and like the rest of the team, he is firmly committed to helping transform New Zealand’s workplace health and safety culture.

“At Safety ‘n Action we provide valuable and tailored courses designed to help our customers be safe in their workplaces - we really add value both to the customer and their staff.”

Training is an area that Clive is deeply passionate about. In fact not only is it the foundation of his day job, but it consumes his spare time too!

“I’ve trained two people now in my hobby of building and repairing high end steel bicycle frames. I absolutely loved doing it, it gave me immense satisfaction.”


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