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Multiple farm incidents in recent weeks


WorkSafe New Zealand has provided a report on a multitude of farm incidents that have happened in recent weeks, these tragic incidents resulted in 4 deaths.

WorkSafe is currently carrying out their investigations to determine the cause of these incidents. In situations like these, it is critical that those who are working on tractors, quad bikes and other machinery in the farm setting or are around those who are working are trained to know the hazards surrounding them.

Knowing the hazard and being able to assess the risk that surrounds your daily tasks could be the difference between life and death as these incidents have shown.

These tragic incidents could have been prevented with the correct training in Hazard and Risk Management, we also have online versions of this course for you as, Self-Paced Hazard and Risk Management or Online Hazard and Risk Management. This course will ensure that you are fully aware of your surroundings and are able to assess and manage the risks that you are closeby each day.

We have linked below the article from WorkSafe should you wish to read it in full.  Also included below are shortcuts to our training solutions relevant to risks associated with this incident.