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WorkSafe New Zealand has concluded their report in regards to a worker losing 4 fingers in an accident involving machinery within the Hellers Limited production line. Following the conclusion of this report, WorkSafe has indicated that the incident happened due to the fact that the employee should have been using the raised platform to access the machine. Whereas the employee was using a ladder to access the machine. This brought forward a further problem, that the operating procedure and risk assessment for the machine was not being appropriately monitored or update with new procedures.

Reducing the risk of these incidents happening within your workplace is very important, to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. By taking our Hazard and Risk Management course, you will learn to monitor and review the risk assessments for tasks like these within your workplace, assisting you with avoiding these incidents happening. We also have online versions of this course for you as, Self-Paced Hazard and Risk Management or Online Hazard and Risk Management.

We have linked below the article from WorkSafe should you wish to read it in full.  Also included below are shortcuts to our training solutions relevant to risks associated with this incident.