Staying safe and secure when working at height

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WorkSafe has concluded their report about a young lady who was left paralysed from the waist down, following a fall from an unsafe platform that was being used to undertake maintenance on a grain conveyor within the Champion Flour Milling factory. After falling 3.7 meters in this life-changing incident, WorkSafe has shown that her fall was the result of unsafe equipment. An unsecured ladder, a platform with no guard rails, and no harness used.

With quality training, teaching this young lady how to keep herself safe in situations like these, this incident could have been prevented. Harness training is critical knowledge to have when working at height, to further expand your knowledge Height Safety Introduction or Height Safety Advanced would be a great step up in training, to ensure your safety when working at height. If you would like to be able to inspect your gear and assist with keeping your workplace safe, you should attend our Height Safety Equipment Inspection course.

We have linked below the article from WorkSafe should you wish to read it in full.  Also included below are shortcuts to our training solutions relevant to risks associated with this incident.