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World day for Safety & Health at Work – 28th April 2021

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On this World day for Safety & Health at Work we are taking stock of the year gone by.  In doing so, we express our appreciation for the exceptional team here at Safety ‘n Action.

This time last year we were still engulfed in the new conditions of COVID 19.

It was an unexpected shock once COVID 19 hit our shores and we were pushed into a Nationwide Lockdown on the 25th March 2020. There were a multitude of events that took place for us following this and amongst others at Safety n Action it was now adapting and working from home for many of the staff. It was an adaptation of different ways to deliver our Health and Safety courses with Live Webinars and our online platform which was marketed and increased substantially.

It was not only an emotional challenge for many but a psychological and mental challenge as well, stress factors increased and there was a lot of uncertainty. As a Safety n Action family, it became important to reach out and stay in touch with each other, supporting others where needed and as a business, we reminded staff to cope through all of this we have our EAP services available if needed.

Management implemented our own protocols for the different levels of COVID 19. These were done to ensure our staff and clients are protected while on our premises or in our classes. Safety n action ensured that all necessary equipment to do this was available for our trainers including; Face Masks, Hand Sanitiser, Cleaning Materials, Disinfectant spray for practical equipment, medical disclaimers. Classrooms were redesigned to allow correct social distancing and breaks were staggered at centers. Our trainers ensured that there was an increased awareness of Hygiene.

A work from home Ergonomics guideline was implemented to ensure the Admin staff is aware of the correct seating plans to arrange in their homes with a risk matrix.

We have had a few more lockdowns since then but as a business and a Safety n Action Family we have persevered and adapted with resilience against all these changes. Our frontline trainers have done a phenomenal job of keeping our clients safe and delivering critical health and safety knowledge to their students and by doing this have saved lives.

What we have learned from this is that there is always room to learn new things and adaptability to change in the workplace is critical to get you through the unexpected safely. Our family at Safety n Action are fundamental in achieving all our goals and aspirations so as a business we ensure that they are in a safe environment and hand in hand we all strive to make it a safer place for all.

Thank you Safety n Action Staff.

Nicholas Matzopoulos 
National Trainer Manager