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Here at Safety 'n Action we understand the value of informative information in the workplace Health and Safety space.
Have a read over our news articles and view/share/download our informative H&S Tech Tips to keep yourself and your team safe.

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  • Trainer Showcase: Bruce Howe

    Safety “words” to live by – “Never say you know it all” even if you have many years of experience behind you, to view things with an open mind, as they say “You never stop learning “ That’s according to Auckland local and Safety ‘n Action’s Auckland Regional Training Manager Bruce Howe.

  • White Paper: Meet the Crane Code, Minimise the Risk

    Operating cranes can be a risky business – and ensuring staff have the relevant knowledge and experience is essential.

  • Trainer Showcase: Philipp Le Roux

    “I just love my job. We have a fantastic company culture and a management team who really stand behind us. And most of all I love that lightbulb moment when you’re teaching a class and someone says, ‘oh wow, now I understand!’. There’s a lot resting on our work and it’s a great feeling to know that you are contributing in a meaningful way to improving New Zealand’s workplace health and safety culture.” That’s according to Waikato local and Safety ‘n Action’s Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki's Regional Trainer Manager Phillip Le Roux.

  • White Paper: Connect and engage

    Connect and engage to keep teams safe.

  • Trainer Showcase: Nico Prinsloo

    “Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for our Northland clients.” That’s according to Northland local and Safety ‘n Action’s Nico Prinsloo, Health and Safety Trainer.

  • Trainer Showcase: Aaron Cassie

    'Our philosophy is about making training relevant, practical and fun. We don’t do death by PowerPoint! All our trainers have lots of life experience, they share stories and make their classes interesting. There’s nothing more rewarding than when a learner comes up to you at the end of a course and says ‘Thanks, I got so much out of that’ That’s according to Christchurch local and Safety ‘n Action’s Christchurch Regional Training Manager Aaron Cassie.

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