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Here at Safety 'n Action we understand the value of informative information in the workplace Health and Safety space.
Have a read over our news articles and view/share/download our informative H&S Tech Tips to keep yourself and your team safe.

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  • H&S Tech Tip: Meet the crane code, minimise the risk

    Operating cranes can be a risky business – and ensuring staff have the relevant knowledge and experience is essential.

  • Collaboration with industry

    When taking care of their workplace safety needs at the plant, Safety ‘n Action are the preferred supplier for Mataura Valley Milks training solutions. Over several years, the team here have delivered exceptional training solutions to meet their demand along with bespoke training delivery to work within their schedules.

  • H&S Tech Tip: Relying on experience a risky business

    Too many businesses are not staying on top of their health and safety training requirements, instead relying on worker competency to keep people safe. And - as ACC and WorkSafe can attest – employee experience is no substitute for all-important safety training.

  • Now training in Tauranga

    We are delighted to announce that we are now offering our practical, industry-leading health and safety training courses in the Bay of Plenty.

  • H&S Tech Tip: New Hazard Classification System

    From April 30, the current hazard classification system HSNO will be replaced by GHS 7, the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. Created by the United Nations, GHS is an internationally agreed system that hopes to eventually supersede the diverse classification and labelling standards used in different countries.

  • World day for Safety & Health at Work – 28th April 2021

    On this World day for Safety & Health at Work we are taking stock of the year gone by. In doing so, we express our appreciation for the exceptional team here at Safety ‘n Action.

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