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Opening doors to Government-funded workplace professional development training.

Safety 'n Action and Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication


Part of Aspire2 Group, one of our sister companies "Aspire2 Business |  Workplace Communication" provide valuable professional development group training at no cost to employers.

Build a positive and engaged workforce

Take advantage of our FREE* workplace training programmes today!

Access government-funded workplace based training worth $36,000 for your workforce. Every training programme includes foundational literacy, communication and numeracy training components while focusing on additional core skills essential to the growth of your business.

All programmes are delivered at your workplace or online.

Their training solutions get to the heart of your organisation and provide bespoke training to develop core competencies essential to the growth of your people.

Funding is limited each quarter, don't miss out.

To find out more about accessing this fund, head along to: