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Safety 'n Action and NZ Cold Storage Association Partnership


We've partnered with NZ Cold Storage Association, bringing together our shared passion for safe workforces throughout New Zealand.


The membership organisation for New Zealand cold storage and logistics businesses

The New Zealand Cold Storage Association is made up of companies in the storage and transport of chilled and frozen meat, dairy, seafood, horticultural and other products requiring controlled temperature storage environments.

The association acts on behalf of the industry at a regulatory level as well as providing support to help members as a cool or cold storage operator. It aims to provide for all who are involved in the cold storage industry the chance to join a growing group with similar business interests and to provide a platform whereby together they can meet the challenges which are associated with the storage handling and general well-being of the products which are placed in their care.

Find out more about the association and how to become a member here:

NZ Cold Storage Association Website.