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Chainsaw Safety

Key Information

Duration: 2 Days

Maximum Attendees: 6

Training available nationwide at your own workplace

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This course is aimed at producing a chainsaw operator who is able to safely demonstrate and apply the knowledge for chainsaw use contained in the Approved Code of Practice.


It is designed for the occasional user as an introduction to operating a chainsaw in a workplace and can be customised to incorporate specific company policies and procedures.

Trainees will be able to demonstrate and apply their responsibilities under the requirements of the Health and Safety legislation in relation to chainsaw operation. This is not an advanced course and does not cover tree felling.

Best practice is completion of refresher training every 2 years.

Please bring along your ID on training day - We need to verify the identity of students in attendance, please bring ID with you on the day of training.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe the requirements relating to the transport and use of chainsaw fuel
  2. Kickback risk management
  3. Describe personal protection and first aid requirements for chainsaw operators
  4. Check a chainsaw and its components
  5. Explain how a chainsaw functions
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of the hazards that influence chainsaw operation
  7. Prepare to operate a chainsaw
  8. Start and test a chainsaw
  9. Use a chainsaw to make cuts
  10. Tension and compression wood

Entry Criteria:

  1. All students are required to have a level of written and oral English equivalent to NCEA level 1 (year 11) or IELTS 5.5 or higher, to be eligible to attend our courses. The person responsible for making bookings or authorising attendance on the course must agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to acceptance of their student(s) onto the course. Where a student does not meet our English language requirement a reader/writer must be supplied by the student or the person responsible for authorising the student’s attendance. The reader/writer cannot be another student attending the same course.

NZQA Unit Standards Included

  • Unit Standards - CS S





    6916 2


    This unit standard is mainly intended for people employed in a forestry operation.


    People credited with this unit standard are able to: demonstrate knowledge of the rules for chainsaw use; describe rules relating to the transport and use of chainsaw fuel; and describe PPE and first aid requirements for chainsaw operators.

    6917 2


    This unit standard is intended for those new to the forestry industry and chainsaw users in industries other than commercial forestry. This unit standard is designed as an introduction to chainsaw use.


    People credited with this unit standard are able to: demonstrate knowledge of the rules for chainsaw use; disassemble and reassemble a chainsaw, identify its components and explain their functions; demonstrate knowledge of factors that influence the operation of a chainsaw; prepare to operate a chainsaw; start and test a chainsaw; and use a chainsaw to make cuts