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Health and Safety Check

Key Information

Duration: (2 hours)

At your own site or workplace

Price (excl GST)

$960 Company Booking

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Take the first step to ensure your business is Health and Safety compliant with our comprehensive Health and Safety Check.

While many businesses have implemented health and safety plans and procedures to manage risk, roles and responsibilities, we recognise the need for independent reviews and additional guidance. In response to feedback we have received from clients, we have developed a Health and Safety Check service to see how you measure against legislation and regulations whilst identifying any gaps or risks in your plan or execution.
One of our advisors will conduct a Health and Safety Check at your site or workplace and then on completion provide you with supporting recommendations of practicable solutions to address any areas of concern.

Students need to have 3 months of work experience in the industry prior to doing the course.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify Health and Safety concerns on your site
  2. Check your facilities are in line with the General Risk and Workplace Management Regulations
  3. Identify and ensure that your Personal Protective Equipment is fit for purpose
  4. Check emergency evacuation plans and fire equipment are visible and adequate
  5. Ensure your business is taking steps to continuously improve your health and safety compliance
  6. Identify Health and Safety training needs