Health and Safety Committee

Key Information

Duration: 1 Day (8 Hours)

Maximum Attendees: 12

Training available nationwide at one of our centres, or your own workplace

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Effectively develop a committee which encourages worker engagement, participation and representation, to manage health and safety in your organisation.

This course provides you with a comprehensive framework to support the development of an effective health and safety committee. This includes, understanding the different methods of engagement to drive participation and consultation, as well as the importance of having all staff participate in the creation of health and safety procedures and policies, as required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

  • Unit Standards - HSC (Click to see more detail)









    Explain the establishment and operation of a workplace health and safety committee.


Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to prepare for a health and safety committee meeting
  2. How to document and report meeting outcomes
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the types and roles of health and safety committees
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the establishment of a health and safety committee
  5. Explain the importance of Worker Engagement, Participation, and Representation in effectively managing health and safety


  1. Health and Safety Representative Initial is recommended