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Quad Bike & Options

Key Information

Duration: 2 Days

Maximum Attendees: 10

Training available nationwide at one of our centres, or your own workplace

Price (excl GST)

$6000 Company Booking

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This course teaches quad bike operators the knowledge, skills and attributes for all essential areas of the units of competency covered under the best practice guidelines for quad bike riding in the workplace.


The course is targeted specifically at quad bikes used in the workplace and teaches the trainee to ride effectively and safely over varied terrain. The trainee will be able to demonstrate the appropriate responsibilities of a rider with emphasis on accident prevention. A high level of safe decision-making is also promoted as well as riding techniques that minimise negative environmental impact.

We can customise the course to incorporate company policies and procedures.

Please bring along your ID on training day - We need to verify the identity of students in attendance, please bring ID with you on the day of training.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Quad pre-use daily checks and serviceability
  • Water fording
  • Start-up and shut-down procedures
  • Loading and unloading a quad from a trailer
  • Hazard identification and safety margin awareness
  • Obstacle recognition and negotiation
  • Active riding skills
  • Stability dynamics including loads carried, loads towed, and load security
  • Understanding tyres and the importance of correct inflation pressures
  • Correct hill ascent and descent riding techniques and associated issues and limits
  • Ground composition and contour recognition and riding techniques to ensure safety
  • Traversing side slopes


  • A current restricted class 1 or full class 6 licence, however, no licence is required if use is in an “off road only” environment.

Entry Criteria:

All students are required to have a level of written and oral English equivalent to NCEA level 1 (year 11) or IELTS 5.5 or higher, to be eligible to attend our courses. The person responsible for making bookings or authorising attendance on the course must agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to acceptance of their student(s) onto the course. Where a student does not meet our English language requirement a reader/writer must be supplied by the student or the person responsible for authorising the student’s attendance. The reader/writer cannot be another student attending the same course.

NZQA Unit Standards Included

  • Unit Standards - QB O





    24557 2 3

    Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a quad bike

    24554 2 4

    Operate a quad bike on flat terrain in the workplace under close supervision

    24559 3 4

    Operate a quad bike on rolling terrain under limited supervision