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Staff Newsletter - 16th December 2020


Welcome to the Safety ‘n Action Staff Newsletter,


Under separate email, you will have seen the high-level summary of our recent Staff opinion survey. Tremendous thanks to all those who participated; we had a 90% response rate.
From the New year, we will be reporting against staff opinion survey actions to ensure we measure and track progress appropriately.
We enjoyed great success at the 360 safety show, taking 4 bookings on the stand; obtaining over 200 leads and allowing the team to showcase the magic of what Safety ‘n Action can offer.
The team are working very hard on following these leads up and we have set ourselves a deadline of this week to have made contact and established diagnostic appointments. Finalisation of the sales and marketing plans by region is almost complete and will be circulated to each region so you can see the things we will be concentrating on in 2021. Many of these have been devised post-market visits by Nic Jessup.
We have an ‘always on‘ marketing campaign that will run right across summer and pay particular attention to our online course offerings which of course allow learners to learn in their own time - with summer providing many a bit more time to do so.
An overhaul of the Albany training centre through Christmas will see us adding to the course range with the addition of new MEWP classes. We will also be upgrading floor coverings and the staff break out, kitchen space which is stage 1 of the improvement plan.
Our website upgrade is launched this week and chatbot also live. Both functions are designed to improve the customer experience and journey by increasing responsiveness and self-help booking options.
We have just signed off on the development of a Go Safe app which will allow our clients to hold their certification electronically and all in one safe and easy place. We expect this will be released end of Q1.
As you wind into your Christmas break ....please enjoy your end of year Safety function - and know that this comes attached to our heartfelt thanks for the year you have so admirably delivered.
We look forward to 2021 with you and for those able to take a break I wish you sunshine and laughter

Sussan Turner