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Staff Newsletter - 28th September 2021


Welcome to the Safety ‘n Action Staff Newsletter,


Your senior leadership team met today to review our business scorecard for August. The upshot is that we did pretty darn well considering the country went into lockdown on the 18th of the month.
This is testimony to two things; Firstly - the volume of innovation and our newfound agility in pivoting our delivery when business is interrupted - and secondly our strategy deployed 18 months ago, to bring revenue into each month earlier and faster, such that we had already banked a great deal of training revenue by the time it started to unwind with course cancellations.
So thank you to each and every one of you for working with us both last month and this.
We’re all hoping and praying for Auckland to enter Alert level 2 - so we can get back to our semi-normal operating rhythm as a company and recover our lost ground.

Some further things to update you on:
1. Online clients now only have to re-sit questions they get wrong as opposed to the entire section. This change was made based on client feedback - and we responded. In addition, online students are now able to print out their own certificates for online courses except for ones needing a record of learning check, rather than waiting on us to do. This means they gain access to what they need that much faster.
2. We’ve hired a company called E Creators who specialise in online learning. As you know we’ve done very well ourselves with the products we’ve created for this platform - but the team have decided they want to be ‘ world-class ‘ - not simply the best in NZ. The learnings they provide we will then roll out to all other applicable online courses.
3. Some additional FAQ’s on courses are being posted to our website as part of our continuous improvement plan for clients.
4. Bay of Plenty - the Tauranga division is going very well and is already at half of what we wished for monthly in training revenue. Thank you.
5. Our Australian online learning pilot is underway!!. We’ve had a client participate in a the next steps are to roll this out across their entire staff. Once we have a company-wide case study under our belt we will be set to market more broadly to others in Australia.
6. We bought a Kahoot game license this week - and it was great seeing many of you on the quiz Tuesday. We intend to keep these going post lockdown times as they are such a great way of please do try and join the next one. Only takes thirty minutes and is good easy fun.

Sussan Turner