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Staff Newsletter - 30th November 2021


Welcome to the Safety ‘n Action Staff Newsletter,



Welcome to what can only be described as an ever changing third quarter!

Your Leadership team have been working hard and continue to do so - ensuring we stay abreast of the changing Covid operating restrictions - and we’ve put your safety first when contemplating and making any “ ambiguous “ operating regimes that might be possible for training

I’ve sent you the well-being survey results - and want to reiterate that you need you to reach out if your home office needs attention - and/or if you would appreciate talking to a confidential counsellor which we can provide and pay for. Please lean in so we can help.

In addition, we have just received sign off from NZQA that we can offer the micro-credential “well-being in the workplace“ next year, so please let me know if you’d like to know more about completing this. We would pay the fees on that for you.

We‘re currently asking ourselves the question “ Who have we helped socially as a company “.
Educational equity is dear to my heart - so we‘re in discussion on offering 20 training scholarships starting in 2022.
These would be aimed at those who cannot afford our courses - yet those who would benefit from the employment opportunities that arose once in possession of the qualifications. More details as we determine the criteria - and if you have ideas you’d like to input around how they are awarded we would love to hear from you I thank you for your continued support and commitment.

I am always available to talk - although not on zoom because I’m sick of it.

Sussan Turner