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Here's a brief overview of the non-contact training options we currently have available. We are constantly looking to expand on these to support our customers, so please let us know if your needs are not met in the below.

Webinar Training

Webinar training is available for a number of paper-based courses, and runs similar to a face-to-face course, over webcam, in real time - so there is no direct student contact. Students are able to ask the trainer questions and interact as they would in a standard course. Webinar training requires an ability to print paper-work and return it via scanning (a mobile facilitated scan is accepted) or mail. 


  1. Health & Safety Rep – Initial (6 Hours)
  2. Permit Issuer (1/2 Day)
  3. Permit Receiver (6 Hours)
  4. Permit Receiver - Safe Work Systems (6 Hours)
  5. Fire Warden (3 Hours)
  6. Fire Warden Refresher (3 Hours)
  7. Hazardous Substances in the Workplace (3 Hours)
  8. Asbestos Awareness (2 Hours)
  9. Height Safety Refresher (6 Hours)
  10. Confined Space & Gas Detection Refresher (6 Hours)
  11. Fire Extinguisher Refresher (3 Hours)
  12. Management & Handling of Hazardous Substances (6 Hours)

Hybrid Training

Hybrid training allows students to complete the theory element of a course via webinar and defer the practical element of the course until government and company policies allow group gathering to recommence.


  1. Height Safety Advanced (6 Hours Theory + One Day Practical)
  2. Height Safety Introduction (6 Hours Theory + ½ Day Practical)
  3. Confined Space & Gas Detection (6 Hours Theory + One Day Practical)
  4. Mobile Elevated Work Platform (3 Hours Theory + 2 Hours Practical)
  5. Fire Extinguisher (2 hour Theory + 1 hour Practical)