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We offer flexible eLearning options to meet your training needs, whether you require urgent competency, specific timing, or the ability to train at scale. Our suite of online health and safety courses is continuously growing and is an excellent complement to our top-notch face-to-face training options.

Explore our offerings below to find the perfect training solution for your organisation.

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  • Certified Handler Preparation Online

    This is intended to prepare students for their application to become a Certified Handler. It is specially designed for people required to deal specifically with highly hazardous substances. Once you have completed this course you will gain unit standard 31291. $410 +GST per person

  • Online Chemical Awareness

    Safeguard your workplace by understanding the hazards and best practices related to chemicals. Our Chemical Awareness course provides the knowledge needed to handle and store chemicals safely, reducing the risk of accidents and harm.

  • Online Construction Site Access

    Demonstrate knowledge of and carry out health and safety procedures for a building construction site. Unit standard covered: 21209

  • Online Construction Site Safety Tips

    Safety is paramount in the construction industry. Our Online Construction Site Safety Tips course provides invaluable insights into minimising risks and ensuring safety on construction sites. Equip your team with essential knowledge to create a secure working environment.

  • Online Forklift Awareness

    Elevate safety standards in your workplace with our Forklift Awareness course. Equip operators and staff with the skills to operate forklifts safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

  • Online Hazard and Risk Management

    Effective hazard and risk management reduces the chance of harm occurring, resulting in a safer and more productive workplace for you and your team. Unit standards covered: 30265 and 497

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