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Safety 'n Action confirms that it's face-to-face training will remain open to essential services throughout the duration of New Zealand's Level 4 alert.

While most New Zealanders go into lockdown today, essential service workers step up to the frontline, faced with the formidable task of keeping the country running. But who is supporting them? Safety ’n Action is playing a leading role, ensuring essential businesses have the reinforcement they need to keep their teams and workplaces safe over the coming weeks.

“We are proud to be supporting essential businesses with their health and safety training during the lockdown,” says National Trainer Manager Nicholas Matzopoulos. 

Safety ‘n Action offers a suite of online and webinar training solutions, enabling employers to meet their health and safety responsibilities while ensuring staff can maintain physical distancing. Workers can interact in live stream training sessions and complete online courses covering a wide range of critical health and safety requirements. Should face-to-face training be required we are well equipped to deliver this also in several main centres.

“COVID-19 may have taken the world by storm, but the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 has not gone anywhere. Workplace health and safety is still a requirement of all businesses and is perhaps more paramount than ever in these unprecedented times.”

If your team need training during this time, we are here to help. So reach out to our customer service team at 

Safety 'n Action's COVID-19 precautions remain in place for any essential services training and we will adhere to the latest advice from the government on operating during a level 4 alert. These precautions help keep our team, and yours, well.

  1. Monitoring Staff Health Safety 'n Action's staff complete a Wellness Declaration each Monday. We have full visibility of whether our team are at risk of contracting and spreading the illness. On request, Safety 'n Action will be able to confirm that your trainer does not meet any criteria for self-isolation as per the current government guidelines.
  2. Monitoring Student Health All students complete a Wellness Declaration before training. Any students who present a risk will be asked to reschedule their training for a later date.
  3. Reduced Group Sizes We will only accept the number of attendees into the classroom that allow us to maintain a minimum 2 metre distance between each attendee and the trainer.
  4. Increased Sanitation Practices The classroom must be sanistised prior to the class commencing, and students will be expected to wash their hands after coming in from any breaks. Hand sanistiser must be provided in the classroom.
  5. No Tolerance for Illness If a student presents any kind of illness in the classroom they will be asked to leave and reschedule their training for when they are feeling well.

As always, where you can, consider one of our non-contact training options.

  1. Non-Contact Training Options: We are offering online, webinar and hybrid training to facilitate ongoing upskilling with no unnecessary risk. You can find our list of non-contact training options here