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BREAKING NEWS! Online and Webinar Training Now Available

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Online training a New Zealand first for Safety 'n Action.

Going digital mitigates impact of COVID-19 on Kiwi businesses.

Workplace health and safety has always been a top priority in New Zealand, but as COVID-19 rapidly gathers momentum, businesses across the country are more focussed than ever on keeping their people safe.

With the government actively encouraging work from home options and social distancing, the value of online training has never held more weight.  Lucky then that Safety ‘n Action - New Zealand’s leading health and safety training provider - is a step ahead, offering a comprehensive suite of online and webinar solutions that will help businesses stay on top as they navigate the challenges during these uncertain times.

“Digital is the way of the future and for several months now Safety ‘n Action has been working to redefine the traditional delivery of our training solutions,” says Sussan Turner,  Chief Executive of Aspire2 Group, of which Safety ‘n Action is a part.

“We have developed, perfected and launched a wide range of online and webinar-based health and safety training programmes and are now ideally placed to offer Kiwi businesses the very best tried and tested remote training solutions.”

Workers can log in remotely to participate in interactive live stream training sessions (webinars), and complete online courses at a time that suits. Alternatively, staff can train together online from a workplace meeting room.

“We have prepared for all scenarios. Safety ‘n Action’s new digital offerings allow teams to continue training even if they are required to work in isolation. In fact, employers can now make the most of staff working remotely by getting them to complete their all-important safety training at home so that they can hit the ground running when they return to work.”

Even without Covid-19, the benefits of online health and safety training are undisputable. The cost of training and training times are significantly reduced, and programmes can easily and quickly be updated and expanded, ensuring workers always have access to the latest health and safety information.

Adds Sussan, “Safety ‘n Action is an industry leader and has dedicated significant resources to developing the technology needed to move health and safety training forward in New Zealand. We help companies adapt to the evolving needs of their business and future-proof them through the delivery of our forward-thinking and flexible training options.”


  1. What on earth is a webinar?

    A webinar is an online training presentation held via the Internet in real-time. To put it simply, it is an online event, which connects individuals with our trainer from any location. 
  2. What is the difference between a webinar and online course?

    A webinar is a group live stream training session where you can listen to and interact with our trainer delivering the course. These are booked for set times.    An online course is delivered without a real-time trainer, to be completed at a time that suits you and includes interactive content and online question/quiz based assessments.  Both include phone and email support.
  3. Can we still have company bookings for webinars to include our team only?

    Yes. Our team will send course materials ahead of time to all company booking participants that includes any documents relating to your site in particular.  This webinar will be private and only available to your assigned staff.
  4. What if I have staff across several sites and/or working remotely from home?

    That is not a problem.  Book a webinar and your team across all sites can login to take part in the same webinar session together.

  5. I just want to book training for myself, can I still take part in a webinar without a company booking?

    Yes absolutely, our group webinar solutions are set up for this in particular. Book a spot and we will send you the details to join the group webinar on a set date and time.