COVID 19 Safe Work Practices - for Outdoor Work

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Duration: Self Paced Learning

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  4. COVID 19 Safe Work Practices - for Outdoor Work
Gain valuable insight into the requirements for workers and businesses to operate under the COVID-19 alert system.

This informative training steps you through all safety requirements from NZ’s leading government agencies. Let us support you in staying safe by implementing COVID-19 Health & Safety measures across your operation.
Come away with the practical tools you will need to
effectively impliment the changes required to your day
to day operation in working outdoors.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Overview of government requirements and legislation
  2. Symptoms awareness
  3. COVID-19 good hygiene practices at work
  4. PPE guidelines and their correct use
  5. Entering worksites, completing sign in/sign out requirements
  6. Vehicles entering worksites and on-site traffic management
  7. Physical distancing (social distancing)
  8. Practical measures to implement change
  9. Equipment/tools cleaning technique