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Webinar Health & Safety Training


Safety ’n Action’s Webinar training comes in 2 different delivery methods. Live Webinars run exactly as a face-to-face course, but over webcam, so there is no direct student contact. Students are able to ask the trainer questions and interact as they would in a standard course. Self Paced Webinars are run through our online portal, with a pre-recorded Webinar available for the students to watch and learn. Webinar training requires an ability to complete paperwork electronically, or to print and return it via scan (mobile scan is accepted).

Our courses are specifically designed for your training requirements, whether you are a business or a student. Each course is clearly structured into modules, making it easy to complete before moving on to the next section. You can go back and review each module if you need more information before taking the final test. 

On completion of the booking process, the Student or Booker, will be emailed a password and login to access our online training portal. 

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