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Forklift Operator and ‘F’ Endorsement

Key Information

Duration: 8 Hours

Maximum Attendees: 10

At your own site or workplace.

Price (excl GST)

$295 Per Person

Price (excl GST)

$2700 Company Booking

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Gain the skills and understanding of the requirements to safely operate, and obtain an F driver's licence endorsement to legally drive on roads within the parameters outlined in the Approved Code of Practice for Training Operators and Instructors of Powered Industrial Lift Trucks (Forklifts) (1995).

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This practical course will enable you to apply for an ‘F’ Endorsement to value add to your driver's license and provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and ability to safely drive a forklift on NZ roads.

Safety 'n Action will assist you in developing a clear understanding of the safety aspect relating to driving a forklift, actively engage you in performing pre-operational inspections, and forklift start-up procedure; and gain competence in using forklift skills to maneuverer loads, get your swing right and securely park and shut down the forklift.

Please bring along your ID - We need to verify the identity of students in attendance, please bring your ID with you on the day of training

  • Unit Standards - FO FE (Click to see more detail)









    Operate a powered industrial lift truck (forklift)




    Drivers License Endorsements
    Demonstrate knowledge and skills for the driving of a forklift on a road for endorsement F (forklifts)


Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a forklift

  2. Conduct pre-operational inspection and start-up procedures for a forklift

  3. Demonstrate safe driving skills on the road and consider various environmental factors

  4. Park and shut down the forklift, ensuring safety and security

  5. Describe the legal requirements for driving a forklift on the road
  6. Understand the requirements for obtaining an F endorsement for NZ drivers license


  1. Persons seeking credit for US 18496 to obtain an F driver licence endorsement must first hold a current full class driver's licence other than Class 6 (motorcycle).

Entry Criteria:

  1. All students are required to have a level of written and oral English equivalent to NCEA level 1 (year 11) or IELTS 5.5 or higher, to be eligible to attend our courses. The person responsible for making bookings or authorising attendance on the course must agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to acceptance of their student(s) onto the course. Where a student does not meet our English language requirement a reader/writer must be supplied by the student or the person responsible for authorising the student’s attendance. The reader/writer cannot be another student attending the same course.

  2. NZTA Endorsement F application requirements for individual person:

    • individuals must hold a full current licence (other than a motorcycle licence) prior to submitting an application for endorsement
    • Provide evidence of successful completion of NZQA unit standards 10851 and 18496