Staff Newsletter - 13th April 2021


Welcome to the Safety ‘n Action Staff Newsletter,



Thank you for the part you’ve played in helping us start 2021 well. This has been achieved despite two lockdown periods, so it is a commendable effort.
A small token of our appreciation for your efforts we will be with each of you within the ten days.

May 1st, we launch into Tauranga!. The Bay of Plenty is the third fastest-growing region, so this is an exciting opportunity for us and we have a great team focused on this launch.

The Ideas Forum is now officially launched. I am trying to find ways to remain connected with you, albeit distanced. Every time I talk with any of you, you’ve got a tonne of great ideas. Great ideas about things we should try, stop, change, or investigate.

My promise to you is a response to every suggestion – and for every idea, you share that we action, we will send you a double movie pass to thank you for caring and taking the time to put it in front of us. I suspect there will be a lot of ideas actioned.

Areas of near term focus for us:

1. Launch Tauranga
2. Hiring new trainers
3. Hiring extra Customer Service and Processing support
4. Elearning gameplan
5. Australian online pilot.
6. Top 30 customers - development plan
7. New business initiatives led by the BDM’s
8. Customer service journey improvement

As always on mobile if you need to chat.

Sussan Turner