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H&S Tech Tip: Asbestos - Know your responsibilities

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The recent sentencing (the first of its kind under new legislation) for unqualified and unsafe asbestos removal highlights the need for awareness of asbestos regulations and what is required from those that could potentially come into contact with asbestos.

Buildings built, altered or refurbished in New Zealand from 1940 until the mid 1980’s are likely to contain Asbestos-containing material. 
Are you aware that workers involved in demolition and refurbishment must conduct thorough risk assessments when planning work on a home or workplace built before 1 January 2000?
There are several acts of legislation, regulations, codes of practice, standards and guidelines which may affect or impact upon risk management in the workplace, and in particular asbestos management.

Two of which being new regulations released in 2016:

  • Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016
  • Approved Code of Practice, Management and Removal of Asbestos, September 2016 (Asbestos Regulations).

Are you aware of your/your workers' responsibilities when it comes to asbestos?  Do you have an appropriate license for the removal of asbestos?

We offer four Asbestos training products.  We suggest our Asbestos Awareness Seminar for those that are unsure where to start, followed by the relevant training relating to the nature of your work which includes the required qualifications for the safe removal of asbestos.


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