Self-Paced Height Safety Refresher Webinar

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Key Information

Duration: Self-Paced Learning

Online Learning, completed in your own time at a location of your choice.
Once you have signed up to your course, you have 60 days of access to complete your assessment

Price (excl GST)

$260 Per Person

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Refresh your understanding of the legal requirements and management of proprietary height safety systems and procedures

Do you have any questions about our Height Safety Refresher training? View our FAQ's here

This refresher course will guide you through the selection and inspection of various fall arrest systems and relevant ropes and knots. 

Refresher Information:
To remain compliant with Health and Safety legislation and industry 'good practice' guidelines, students are generally required to refresh their training every two years. When booking a refresher course, Safety ’n Action will require evidence of the student's NZQA record of achievement displaying the relevant unit standard/s to the course they are attending. On successful completion of the course, the students Go Safe card will be updated and reissued with a new refresher date. (Please note no unit standards will be uploaded to NZQA).
If students are unable to provide us with this information, they will need to attend a full course to gain the unit standard/s. Alternatively, if the student has completed prior training and does not hold the applicable NZQA unit standard/s, on request we can provide the student with an attendance certificate only.

Students need to have 3 months of work experience in the industry prior to doing the course.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explain the legislative requirements and systems used for working at heights
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with wearing a safety harness and associated equipment
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of safety harnesses and associated systems and equipment
  4. Check and fit a safety harness system
  5. Use a safety harness system where a fall hazard exists at height
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of the rescue plan to be activated in the event of a fall
  7. Identify the common types of height safety equipment used in the workplace
  8. Identify suitable height work equipment and suitable anchor points for fall and arrest systems
  9. Identify anchor points and prepare to install a temporary proprietary height safety systems
  10. Install horizontal and vertical temporary proprietary height safety systems
  11. Use and disestablish temporary proprietary height safety systems
  12. Use height safety equipment and plan rescue techniques and emergency procedures for working at height
  13. Practical reinforcement of the knowledge and skills obtained during the training


  1. If you did not complete your original training with Safety ‘n Action then we may require evidence of competency

“The tutor was helpful and explained things in a great way for those who didn't understand as much. Made the course more enjoyable with his knowledge and positivity.”

Student Feedback March 2022