Staff Newsletter - 18th May 2021


Welcome to the Safety ‘n Action Staff Newsletter,



We’ve just achieved Mays targets so thank you all. A genuine Team effort – but only made possible by the Rock stars that deliver our training each and every day. We have officially renamed Trainers ‘ Rockstars’.

Roni is working his way across the country installing wifi in all centers. This was a great suggestion from you.

Please remember I am also wanting to hear other ideas you have for improvement. We’re not perfect but always trying to get better…and I need you to help me on that front any way you can.

The Tauranga soft launch is going to plan and a big thanks to all for the heavy lifting.

We are pursuing running ‘ Traffic management’ one-day courses for all sister schools in the trades space who have need….so more details on this coming.

I will shortly be sending you out Safety N Actions ‘ strategy on a page ‘ as an easy reference guide.

We have signage refreshes being rolled out to all premises across the year…..what we’ve done so far looks pretty good.

Always available for a chat

Sussan Turner