Staff Newsletter - 24th February 2021


Welcome to the Safety ‘n Action Staff Newsletter,


Thank you for a great start to the year!

Key things for you to know -

  • Our Mobile App for students is on track and set for release end of March. We have the capacity to build out the functionality of this over time but we have stage 1 sorted
  • As promised we are sending you Action notes from the SLT meetings each week so you know what we are focusing on. An open invitation to all to call me if you’d like further information on anything you read.
  • We are starting to see a range of new business brought on by the new Business dev team - and this combined with the talented CS teams work to grow volume from current clients is a great foundation for sales in 2021.
  • A special call out to Hiren Sheth who has grown the Schools vertical this year by 35%. Our objective was to more comprehensively tackle the schools market in NZ – and we are more than well on our way in this space. Thanks to all who have supported this initiative.
  • Given we all contribute to the revenue we have decided to offer all of you, that make a new client introduction, which leads to a company booking, a $500 finder’s fee. This would be a one-off payment, available till the end of June - and eligible to all staff except Senior management and the BDM’s who have their own remediation system to reward them for new business. *terms to be confirmed
  • We have our routine Education evaluative review next year with NZQA - and we are working to collate the evidence required to showcase your work in the best possible way…..just know we are onto it.
  • A pilot online programme for the Australian market is underway this month, with one client selected to place their crew through an online programme. We will be using the contact of our owners in Australia to facilitate this expansion opportunity.
  • The team are in Tauranga at the end of this month to establish the working plan for opening in this market. More details as they come to hand.
  • The volume of positive feedback from clients training with us – which we now see instantly through the QR code enabling fast response is heartening. Thank you to all delivering admirably at the coal face.
  • And finally the Wifi rollout in case you’ve missed it starts in Albany this month and will be rolled out to Highbrook and then the rest of the country. This was a very good request from our Regional training managers.

Sussan Turner