Self-Paced Fire Extinguisher Refresher Webinar

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Duration: Self-Paced Learning

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60 days to complete once you have received your login. Webinar Fire Extinguisher Refresher is a pre-recorded webinar that you are able watch and complete at a time that fits into your schedule, ensuring that you take in the information presented at your own pace. Upon completion of this course you will refresh unit standards 3271/4647

Refresh your knowledge in the operation of different types of fire extinguishers and fire suppression techniques used in the workplace.

This refresher course will provide you with an up to date reinforcement of understanding regarding the different types of fire extinguishers and give you the practical skills to put out a fire using the correct equipment, whilst learning about new developments relating to effective fire suppression.

Refresher Information:
To remain compliant with Health and Safety legislation and industry 'good practice' guidelines, students are generally required to refresh their training every two years. When booking a refresher course, Safety ’n Action will require evidence of the student's NZQA record of achievement displaying the relevant unit standard/s to the course they are attending.On successful completion of the course the students Go Safe card will be updated and reissued with a new refresher date. (Please note no unit standards will be uploaded to NZQA).
If students are unable to provide us with this information, they will need to attend a full course to gain the unit standard/s. Alternatively, if the student has completed prior training and does not hold the applicable NZQA unit standard/s, on request we can provide the student with an attendance certificate only.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of the physics and chemistry of fire
  2. Understand the fire classes and fire suppression techniques
  3. Select and implement a strategy to deal with fire


  1. If you did not complete your original training with Safety ‘n Action then we may require evidence of competency